Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions (T&C)

Please read and understand the T&C before you register an account with Perfect Driving Academy Sdn. Bhd. perfectdriving.com.my/perfect from now on referred as PDA, and/or acquire any of PDA services, (driving license courses). The applicant will be referred as a user of PDA website, and/or as a customer of the Academy.

These terms govern your use of PDA website as a user and customer. You are the sole responsible for the information provided. You, as a user of PDA website assume the responsibility to take the necessary precautions to keep safe your account and your password. Take the basic precautions as not to re-use your password on other websites/portals. On our end at PDA website, try to keep our site as secure as possible and take all the precautions to keep your information safe. However PDA will not assume responsibility if an account is compromised by a third party.

  • Course Content and Packages fees
    PDA reserves the right to add, change, alter or dismiss at any time without prior notice any steps established in order to obtain a Driving License, this changes might respond to internal policy changes or JPJ mandatory changes in the process of obtaining a Driving License. The Course fees shown on PDA Website are inclusive of 6% SST where applicable and must be paid upfront in order to take on a license driving course. These fees might change at PDA convenience without prior notice and do not represent a formal quotation for future date.
  • Course length and Refund Policy
    The customer has the flexibility to follow its driving learning process at the time he/she finds most convenient, we offer a variety of schedules to accommodate customer time availability on weekdays/weekends which vary depending on the stage of the course. However Government (JPJ) test are not subject to the same terms and are dictated by such authority. It is the responsibility of the customer to make him/herself available for such test and to obtain the relevant score which will allow the customer to continue with the process. Although there is not minimal time enforced, the customer can go at its own pace, all the stages must be completed in less than a year (12 months) from the moment the course has been purchased. A course that extends over a year without completion will be render invalid and the customer will have to re-apply and re-take some or all Course stages where applicable. If the customer wish to request a refund, shall know that registration, processing fees and JPJ fees are not refundable, PDA will review the corresponding services offered to the customer and the stage at which the customer is at the moment of claim, in order to calculate the amount the customer has a right to claim by law. The customer shall manifest in timely manner such refund request. For example: a claim made past a year from the purchase date shall not proceed as the Course the customer signed for, has expired. It is the responsibility of the customer to complete all the stages and approve the necessary test to obtain its driving License at adequate times; a prorated calculation will apply taking into consideration those variables. In the event the customer is seeking for a refund, the customer shall write in to seek approval from our management. Upon approval of the same, our management will inform the customer of the amount refundable after deduction of (1). penalty amounting to a minimum 10% of the total fees AND (2). charges for classes & courses attended. Thereafter the customer will be required to sign a letter of acceptance and the refundable amount will be wire transfer to the customer account within 14 days from the date of letter of acceptance.
  • Health and Safety
    By registering an account at PDA website you acknowledge the risk involved inside and outside the Academy premises. Shall you perceive a hazard during a class, test or any other moment attending a class, the customer must inform the relevant instructor/employee at the nearest opportunity. The customer must count with its own personal accident insurance policy or relevant medical assistance. The customer acknowledges no liability will be assumed by PDA, employees, instructors or associates for injuries caused during the driving lessons inside or outside our facilities. The customer acknowledges there is a risk associated to the usage of motor vehicles, be a car, motorbike or lorry, for which PDA cannot held responsibility.The customer shall refrain from registering or applying for a License Driving Course if a health condition is present which prevent him/her from undertaking the complete Driving Course. PDA nor its employees, instructors or associates will be held responsible for any misinformation or lack of it by the customer at the time of registering that result in the customers injury or death. Nor disclosing a health condition will mean any type of liability or coverage will be assumed by PDA. Is the sole responsibility of the customer to take care of its own health and physical integrity, during a Driving lesson inside or outside PDA premises.
  • Personal Data Protection
    As stated at the beginning of these T&C, PDA will attempt to keep safe the customer’s information at all times. This information however can be accessed by PDA sibling companies Akademi Propandu, akademipropandu.com.my  and Uji Niaga Academy, ujiniaga-academy.com.my or its Parent Company Prolific Group, prolificgroup.com.my for the purposes of verification, avoiding duplicates and/or internal Marketing by any of the Academies.
  • Delivery Policy
    Once the Payment is being Made,
    Our Customer Service will contact the Customer in 24 hours,
    (Working Days: Monday to Sunday – 8.00am to 5.00pm),
    If the customer Made the Payment during Sunday or Public Holiday,
    the customer service will contact the customer on the next working day.
    If there is no contact from our representative,
    Please Contact Our Customer Service Hotline at 03-80683838.
  • Lecture policy
    • KPP 01
      • Our Lecture class only available in Bahasa Malaysia.
  • Updates to this T&C
    PDA reserve the right to amend, update or replace these Terms and Conditions, whenever sees fit or the circumstances of the service justify it.